A Picture tells 1,000 words

Most of us eat meat, some of us are aware of where it comes from, the environmental cost, the cost to animals and their welfare, the social cost of cheap meat for those producing it and eating it, the obesity. So why is it accepted, and the plant-based diet derided?

We shy away from images of slaughter-houses, of animals in pens, of animals overcrowded and inhumanely bred to grotesque sizes for meat.

When can art be useful and how do we show useful images, that change what people think, what they accept, and what they will allow?

One image that changed my attitude to eating fish was this image. It connected me to this turtle. If I eat fish it must be caught. Fishermen need nets, and nets get torn and lost. Was it me who put this net around this turtle?

I still eat eggs, and as most restaurants and cafes use caged hen eggs I eat those too. I know about the suffering, but without an emotional connection I won’t change my actions.

Art can connect us, to our own values, to each other and to wider nature.

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