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We know the Brazilian rain-forest is being cut down by those pesky Brazilians for money, right? We know, and we do very little. It’s their rain forest, their profit, and they should just STOP IT, yes?

Why don’t we get more upset, fly on over there, and lie down in front of a tractor? Well, it would mess our hair up for one. Hair beautifully coiffured using lovely products, like the UK’s No.1 shampoo, Head and Shoulders.

We see it as their problem, not ours. We don’t ask what is in our shampoo, maybe we just don’t want to know how Proctor and Gamble, that decidedly un-Brazilian owned company, makes its profit?

Turns out, the base for shampoo, just about any you care to buy on the high street or online, is palm oil. Palm oil is often grown on cleared rain-forest. It happens that the main driver of deforestation in Brazil is not the Brazilians, but it’s me and you washing our hair.

The other ingredients of shampoos aren’t mich better. Oil and fracked gas are used. The fracking of gas in the USA, exported and turned into chemicals for our use have major social and environmental impacts.

What this great piece of art shows us, connects us to, is our consumption to its effects – when we wash our hair we burn rain-forest. Did it stop us? No. Head and Shoulders is still No.1 in the UK. Why, do we just do not seem to care?

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