F*!king Hypocrite

Hey you’re part of the problem, stop complaining greenie!

We’ve all had it, those that bring up the hypocrisy. I eat the food the fossil fuel system grows, I use its cars and yes in the past its planes. I have been saved by the single use plastics in the hospitals, I am clothed by the intensively farmed cotton and wear the poly-blends oil and gas makes.

My laptop is made from such a myriad of items all with deep fossil fuel supply chain links that the tech companies themselves can’t trace all the links. My light and heat comes from gas-fired power stations, and nuclear power which is deeply ingrained into fossil fuel political and economic power.

I am a hypocrite.

You must be a hypocrite to live in this system. It’s often shouted at environmentalists – the rib boat used to board & occupy an oil rig is made from oil and powered by diesel. The life-jackets, ropes, helmets, radios, phones, the systems used to raise the money to carry out the action. The links are multiple, endless and connect all of us and all we do.

It is overwhelming, but it also shows we cannot use the broken system to replace and tinker with one part of the system. Recycling most things, especially plastic, is worse than useless, in fact it gives fossil fuel companies a social licence to carry on producing. A World without plastic is an exciting vision to work on. Oil and gas are only profitable if plastic use is hugely expanded, with fossil fuel companies investing hundreds of billions over the last decade in new plastics manufacturing – something to soak up all that fracked gas. Anyone who uses single use plastics in Scotland is causing untold environmental and social harm to families in the US.

Fossil fuel companies think that they can project manage their way out of this issue with minor investment, PR and greenwashing. But it will take a rapid, fundamental business shift for them to contribute to meaningful global changes to save humanity’s future.

We must live, we must be hypocrites, but we must change. That is exciting. That is revolutionary. That must be the future, and we haven’t started yet.

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