Food re-visioned

How we grow food depends on fossil fuel related fertilisers, pesticides, and diesel shipping and diesel lorries for transportation. All aspects of modern agri-business is reliant on the fossil fuel system. Immediately take it away and millions would starve.

We could revolutionise our existing farms, bringing in permaculture practices, and moving away from meat and dairy production. This would de-couple farming from fossil fuels, but would still leave us with mega-businesses growing and transporting our food.

Either as well, or instead of, urban farming could be a solution. We will soon have mass-production of lab-meat to replace animal-reared meat. We could bring vegetable growing into cities, done not by choice but by economic necessity in Havana, Cuba.

This is where visioning gets seriously interesting. Most cities suffer multiple problems, often tackled with limited tightly focused solutions. We can’t solve urban issues one at a time with small changes, as people’s problems are multifaceted – complex and interlinked.

Vision an urban farm. It makes use of a disused factory, renovated by local people, using materials reused from other urban spaces. A community-owned co-op is formed and seeds planted. Vegetables and meat are grown. Local people take the local jobs and produce food for themselves and others within their local blocks.

People have access to good, healthy local food. Meat is not only local but cheaper and healthier, it tastes better because it’s designed that way.

Unloved land and buildings have purpose again, as do people.

People have control over their supply of food and how much it costs. They have less needs for roads for transport. There is a reduction in lorry traffic and pollution. People learn new skills. It becomes the social norm to grown and eat good food. All this from one interlinked and well thought-out project, visioned for us.

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