Future Visions

Can we see it yet?

I grew up with Star Trek. Not only a great guide to people management, the dangers of wearing red uniforms and challenging race and gender stereotypes, but a guide to the future. A statement that we will make it, and can be better.

It’s worked for some, but it’s up against a system worth trillions and marketing that tells us that we are unworthy, but consumption will help us be better. It’s even written down, in Edward Bernays seminal work Propaganda (1928). The inventor of bacon and eggs (yes another invented bit of marketing) brings us the ultimate guide on how to make people feel bad and ‘cure’ it with unobtainable consumerism.

Imagine the marketing people who make this happen working for us. Making consumption socially unacceptable, cars as polluting dangerous evils, holidays by aeroplane socially abnormal. Marketing professionals, derided by many as the problem, are the solution too.

They can give us this vision, so beautifully articulated in David Doran’s work – imagining if we really got our shit together and went for it.

Imagine a World with clean energy, serviced by local people with stable jobs. Imagine work re-imagined, properly valuing all types of work according to ability, and imagine all people having that right to gain that ability.

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