History is Power

There’s a simple way to see if something will work.

We need to look back to see forward. History tells us that rapid transition is possible – and we survive it. From volcanic eruptions showing us we don’t always need aeroplanes, to World Wars showing how fast production can shift, we need to seek out and understand how society was enabled to change so quickly, and do it again.

The USA entering WW2 had an issue. It was in depression, people were out of work, and what factories there were weren’t producing war materials.

Looking at this holistically meant both issues could be dealt with at once. Depression-era organisations morphed into War-mode with a decidedly communist control-economy undertone, the War Production Board dictating what factories could produce, creating jobs, and providing very capitalist incentives. Tanks were produced instead of cars, fighter planes instead of toys, battleships instead of houses. It worked, and in under 4 years the US economy grew 2-3 times. Depression-era unemployment ended and production levels outstripped Axis powers. Post-war this economy was converted again into consumer goods and a whole new era began.

Rapid transition happened in the US, but Hitler and the Nazis also used industry to support the party and transition to a war economy.

Rapid change is possible, but only when we have the knowledge for the need to change, and a shared vision.

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