Is this Trouble?

Perspective. Even in, and perhaps because, of our inter-connected World perspective is one of our hardest things to achieve.

A million different opinions, sharply contrasting views, extremism bloated by celebrity, apathy and hedonism celebrated across the Net.

One thing we can turn to is science. Through invention, innovation and advances it has both caused our current crises and seeks to fix them.

Science, performed and peer reviewed, is our best hope for getting a real perspective, away from self-interest, faith driven, or greediness.

We know that CO2 levels cause planetary warming, that humanity is adding to the natural level. We must also realise just how outside the normal cycle we are.

A few parts per million of CO2 seems insignificant, as does a few degrees of warming. Who wouldn’t want a warmer Scottish Summer? But the difference between 1.5oC above pre-industrial levels of temperature and, say, 4oC, is the livability or not for humans on planet Earth.

It is this starkness that drives us away from the science, a psychology that affects us around the climate, and our approach to any crisis. If we see no way out, we tend to ignore, belittle or argue the science.

Data, and the horrible beauty of a graph, can make bare the change. Convincing us quickly of the abnormality and seriousness of what is happening. More than words, this graph pushes us to the edge of reason and leaves us calling for change.

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