It’s about Social Justice

We’re having to look at our darker history and present injustices.

Climate Change isn’t really about the environment. It’s about Us. Our entitlement, our social values, and what our ancestors did in a sometimes murky past. Being first doesn’t mean you have better values than anyone else, you just have more coal, oil, arms, power. We’re now understanding what happens when we discard social justice, and the fossil fuel economy doesn’t help.

If anyone tried to come up with a system that causes social injustice it would be this one. Planned in large part, the consumer society underpays or steals resources from the many to service the few and enrich the very few. Fossil fuels have led to unprecedented levels of development, yet leave resource-rich countries in poverty, needing charity from the rich.

The poor and minority ethnic are much more likely to live nearest the dirtiest factories, waste processors roads and airports. Environment therefore becomes a race issue and a class issue.

Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC) and working class people are least likely to gain the economic benefits from our system, are more likely to suffer in polluted areas – even before they are born – are more likely to suffer flooding and hurricanes, and get less help when disaster strikes. Policies such as red-lining, levels of charitable help, landownership, agribusiness pollution, loss of food sources, ability to travel and relocate, access to recovery finance, and when helped are helped by a majority white ethnic class ignorant of others’ culture and needs.

Where there’s money to be made for the sake of clearing a few BIPOC poor people off their ancestral land, it’s done along with rape, torture and murder, because the system values greed.

This isn’t a system you can simply tinker with.

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