It’s the Cows

Art can help us understand just how different we have made the World. I mean, you think the loss of the dinosaurs was a biggie? What humanity, us little humans, a species so weak some of faith feel we would be unable to destroy God’s work, or that we would be allowed to, have done is hard to grasp.

We can gain some insight by researching past levels of plant and animal numbers and area. Historic accounts tell of bird migrations miles wide which took days to fly over; of herring so plentiful that it was almost possible to walk across the sea to the land; of bison filling the plains – the accounts show that what we have is a mere fraction of what we had.

The complete turnaround is clear: we have gone from 1% humans and what we eat, the rest wildlife, to 99% humans and what we eat, 1% is wildlife.

And it’s not even humans: it’s the cows. Beef and dairy cattle make up by far the highest numbers of mammals today.

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