Make it the Only Way

Too much cutting-edge thinking is called fringe or alternative.

Academia and professions are lagging behind students who ‘get’ the issues and are looking for the solutions.

Professors and senior professionals within all walks of life are hard to change. They were taught and have developed power under a broken system and are unwilling to bend to new conditions like climate change.

In architecture, as with many other subjects, those thinking ahead have developed new structures and ways of learning, from the Anthropocene Architecture School, Architecture Fringe and Missing in Architecture. Students have organised their own conferences. Where a system is broken and unable to change, we need new structures to be developed.

We need new ways of thinking, bringing in new voices and concepts like Queer Theory. We need to shake it up, queer design can help us re-imagine spaces and buildings. and bring others along with it, or academia will become irrelevant to finding those solutions to our futures.

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