Rapid, Just, Green, Feminist Transition

COVID-19 shows us what unjust and unplanned change looks like. It is a warning of what lies ahead.

Think 2020 was messy? Imagine having to suffer the effects of climate and ecological collapse, and or as well as, the harsh measures to finally tackle these issues.

Fossil fuels are amazing, they have given some of us much. But the system is inherently polluting, dangerous and risky, run by greed and misplaced power, promotes gender and race imbalance and is run at the whim of a powerful elite.

If we’re to replace this messy but job-producing system we need to vision something better. Friends of the Earth Scotland are among those pushing for a Just, Green transition, where industries and people are moved in planned ways to more positive activity and roles. Think oil workers instead making wind turbines.

Benefits for workers would include working local to home, a less dangerous job, one that benefited society, and they would be guaranteed the same pay. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sets this out in her visionary video.

It has to be BETTER. Cleaner cities, better jobs, reinventing what a green job is (caring for others, being a parent) improved family life, less class division, better health, improved schools. More equitable, a feminist green transition.

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