Sacred Earth

We’ve grown a lot and destroyed a lot, made some great things, but also left a lot behind.

What does it mean to be human? Connected and making connections. How do we mix and travel in the future, should we do it just because we can? Is it Elon Musk’s vision of transportation future, a rather dystopian series of tunnels for the elite, or should we stick with and improve cycling and cycling infrastructure? Which future do you want?

Should we grow everything we can, eat all the meat we can, synthesise and use all the chemicals we can, or would that in the end poison us? Can we grow what we need without a fertiliser and pesticide industry driven by propping up an oil and gas one? Maybe we just need to better manage our growing systems to grow without them, grow crops appropriate to the place, and regulate good practice.

Europeans arrived in the Americas and killed 95% of indigenous peoples through war and disease, history that is glossed over with revisionist films and history books. Some are re-educating us. Sacred knowledge has been lost, or is today ignored. Indigenous people have risen in defence of their land from oil and gas exploitation, something they have believed in and practiced for thousands of years, and using their art. We need to re-learn what we have lost, and to re-connect before we lose the Earth. Art can help us do this.

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