Unknown Unknowns

Perhaps we don’t know what we don’t know.

Perhaps the people we think could change it, can’t?

Don’t we expect climate scientists to ‘do something’? After 20 years of meetings they can only do what they have always done which is report their findings.

Surely politicians should be doing something? But they can only do what the public will accept: we may need to shut down oil and gas production, but under this system it can’t be done.

And the corporations? The polluters themselves are trapped in a system where they must exploit to the max, they must get maximum value from investment, they must pass on all the costs they can to others, and they must earn themselves the maximum return.

Perhaps we are all just talking our way to disaster, no-one actually doing what’s needed. No public demanding it, no vision as to what else we might see.

Art can illustrate this dilemma, it can also create the public demand which allows and requires politicians and corporations to change the system.

Pic: Issac Cordal, Politicians Discussing Climate Change

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