Vision, what Vision?

Are we all to go back to living in caves, living simple lives afraid to make, do and see?

There is an argument for de-growth. Beyond Green Growth and the Circular Economy which is an excuse to carry on and still try to fix a broken system. Not depending on constant growth is a step-forward, redesigning our systems to support an economy based on everyone’s wellbeing is a great leap for humankind.

It doesn’t mean wearing hair-shirts and nibbling on a raw carrot. It could mean a better designed society and economy. And here we look for multiple links, going back to the principle that we aren’t just looking for environmental revolution, but an economic and social justice-based one too.

We’ve seen what unplanned change looks like with COVID-19. It is a timely reminder that if we are to tackle the climate and ecological crisis then we will need to plan – and plan for much bigger changes.

This vision could include urban farms for food production, car-free social and quality spaces for people in cities, an end to meat production and fishing, high quality homes, a work balance that makes life better – a myriad of ideas and changes that will involve us all.

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