What We Leave Behind

What vision might this be?

We’ve discussed dystopian images of the future, which are plentiful on film and social media. Could we harness this psychology and art for something good, something to aim for?

There are warnings out there, from the nuclear apocalypse films of the 80’s to the Zombie (and Beaver Zombie) This art works as it makes our unspoken and unspeakable fears real, on screen, before us with 200 others in the cinema. Art such as this needs to be invited in, sometimes shocking, but the best crises art is corner-of-your-eye stuff, it is surprising and takes us down layers of thought.

Human Fossils, by Heartless Machine gives us a glimpse of the future. It may be bleak – a skeletal human hand grasping the icon of our age, the plastic bottle. But it could be in the future real. It asks, is this all we are? Is this what we want to leave behind? Could we be better?

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