Transformational Change is a page about changing everything. All at once. Urgently. Our economic system that has given some of us so much is killing us.

Change can’t be halfhearted. It has to be ecologically and socially Just. And it has to be better. There has to be a vision and we have to design and explain ourselves to it.

When not working out how WordPress doesn’t work, John Thorne is Glasgow School of Art’s Sustainability Coordinator. He works tirelessly with students and staff to help do this visioning, redesigning and explaining of what’s going on and how to fix it.

He realised a long time ago the World doesn’t make much sense and that’s because men designed it. His mission is to use all the talents to make somewhere that is not only ecologically stable, but where through social justice we all get a shot at life, lived to its fullest and most exciting extent.

John’s work page connects to the great work that goes on at the GSA. His views here, his own.

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