This blog is about how things could be. It is about the state we are in, why we feel powerless to change our planet’s trajectory, and what tools and skills we can use to create a better future.

It’s about the role creative people can play in designing better, building better and emotionally connecting us to our World.

It’s about that misused and misunderstood word: Sustainability. Here, we prefer environmental and social justice, rejuvenating our World to be better not only in environmental terms, but reconnecting humanity to it, and ensuring an equitable humanity.

We can’t have environmental sustainability without social justice – addressing all those issues that a fossil fuel (oil and gas) economy has encouraged, from poverty elimination, to racial equality, gender equality, an economy based on our wellbeing, and economic improvements to how we live, work and what opportunities we have to reach full potential.

Forget tinkering with an old system – this is Systems Change.

We must examine our current state, provide a future vision, and design our way there.

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